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In one ear, out the other?

Everyday tasks and parenting busy-ness can take its toll on our listening skills. This means we’re sometimes distracted when our child or young person is trying to talk to us.  Family hurly burly can sometimes (often!) get in the way of talking and connecting, even...

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Presents or presence?

Presents or presence?

How can you create a calmer Christmas in your home? Does the answer lie in presents or presence? What I'm talking about here is Connective Parenting presence, rather than the things we’re all worried about buying in time for Christmas! I talk about presence an...

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Looking after you
Hitting Rock Bottom
Hitting rock bottom

Hitting rock bottom

Hitting rock bottom is horrible.
I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve spent time sitting on my bed crying my eyes out, not knowing what to do next or fearful of the future.

Sometimes these were ‘little’ blips and I managed to pick myself up quickly and carry on, but other times those feelings lasted awhile.

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