Travelling with your children – top tips

by | Jul 12, 2019

Travelling with your children can be an interesting experience.  It wasn’t until I was a parent that I realised just how annoying the phrase, ‘are we nearly there yet’ 28 times a minute actually is! 

Trying to keep your children occupied on journeys isn’t easy.  Timing it to fit into nap times, meal times, ‘I need a wee’ times and any other times doesn’t make it any easier. 

As we get near to the summer holiday I thought I’d share some of the top tips for travelling with your children.  Some of these I’ve learnt the hard way, others I’ve learnt from the brilliant parents in my Facebook group. 

Top tips:

  1. Have drinks in bottles with sports tops to help regulation 
  2. Listen to music they like 
  3. Make sure all your tech is fully charged! 
  4. Download movies or tv programmes onto tablets to watch on the journey (I connect the portal DVD player to the back of the chair in front to reduce travel sickness) 
  5. Quick and easy games they can play 
  6. Snacks – lots of them! 
  7. Headphones for each child 
  8. Fidget toys 
  9. Audio books 
  10. Blankets / pillows 
  11. Try and keep to the same times for routine things like meals 
  12. Stop for their favourite meal on route (McDonalds gets us out the house on time!) 
  13. Some airports have sensory rooms you can use whilst you’re waiting for your flight 
  14. Use the lanyards that most UK airports now provide because they let staff know you might need extra help 
  15. Try to not worry about it.  Your anxiety will be picked up by the children and that won’t help. 

I love all of these ideas and hope that they help you have a good journey to wherever you’re going this summer.