Summer of Calm 

Throughout June, July & August 2024

Back again for June, July & August!!
Summer of Calm Menu

If the Connective Family team could board their very own ice-cream van and travel the country on a summer support roadshow, believe us when we say we would!

Instead, we’re excited to announce we’re now taking orders from the Connective Family Ice-cream Parlour ‘Summer of Calm’ MenuEnjoy a mix and match menu of help and support.

We’re here when you need us this summer!




1 scoop or 5 - whatever flavour of support you need


Sprinkles are mandatory - fancy a topping?


Menu specials - the cherry on top of your summer support

Know someone who might need some help this summer?

  • Flexible help and support – menu options you can pick up and put down around your childcare 
  • Something for everyone – stick with your favourite flavour, add a topping or treat yourself to a sundae
  • Hub membership – access to supportive videos you can watch any time, live weekly sessions and 24/7 love and support in our Hub Facebook Group community
  • Confidential individual support from the Connective Family Parent Coaching team
A trip to your favourite ice-cream parlour or a treat from the ice-cream van can help to build connection and calm and that is a fabulous and delicious start!

Sarah x

What’s on the menu?

Flavours include: Parent Coaching 121 Sessions, Pick & Mix videos

Toppings include: Connective Parenting Hub membership

Sundaes include: Pocket Practitioner, Calm Energy Week – Hub members only

Did you know? We offer all sorts of topics on our Summer of Calm Menu but we also have a huge resource library of blogs and more you can dip into any time.

Orders taken throughout June, July & August: Choose from our Summer of Calm Menu for an extra package of help and support this summer.

Meet the experts in the ice-cream parlour

Mary Baldock
Sarah Fisher

Sarah is the founder of Connective Family. She is an experienced NVR UK accredited practitioner and educator, a trained hypnotherapist and an author. With a background of 12 years working in schools, she has an MSc in Educational Leadership. 

Sarah enjoys helping all families through training and coaching that focuses on connection, regulation and relationships.

Favourite ice cream: “It’s got to be a 99 Flake!”

Jo Kelly
Kat Green

Before joining the Connective Family team Kat worked in education for 25 years.

Kat was a Primary School teacher and worked in 5 different schools. Eleven years were spent as a headteacher in a large infant school where she introduced therapeutic approaches. Kat believes in focusing on relationship building rather than behaviour management.

Favourite ice cream: “Coffee flavour 🙂”

Mary Baldock
Kelly Cox

Kelly has been using NVR principles in her work for almost 10 years. 

More recently, she’s been using the approach in an education setting to try and engage young people most at risk of becoming ‘not in education, employment or training’ (NEET) and disengaging from education.

Favourite ice cream:  “My absolute favourite is a Joe’s ice cream, based in Swansea! Can’t beat it.”

Got some questions?

If I buy 5 121s, do I need to use them all by the end of August?

No, but you do need to have them booked in and used by the end of September 2024.

Can I apply for ASGSF funding (Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Fund) for the 121s?

Yes, you can. You can find out more about this and submit an enquiry form on the Individual Support webpage.

I'm interested in the Pocket Practitioner, how does it work and what's the cost?

This is a new one for us and works best when it’s tailored to your needs and your lifestyle. So the best place to start is a chat! We can discuss things like what support you need, how often you might need it and over what length of time (couple of days? 1 week? 2 weeks?). You can email me, Sarah, and we’ll take it from there

Is the Calm Energy Week only for Connective Parenting Hub members?

Yes it is. Here’s the thing, if you join the Hub, as well as a week filled with calm for FREE, you get to join a fabulously supportive community of like-minded parents and carers and a whole load of support and resources, for just £15 a month. We’d love to see you in there!

Orders taken throughout June, July & August 2024: Let us give you a helping hand and discover how Connective Parenting NVR can help you and your family.