Stepping out of your comfort zone

by | Aug 30, 2019

Stepping out of your comfort zone? Now this might sound like a weird title for a blog on parenting but it’s oh so relevant. 

I’m sure you know all about comfort zones and know exactly where yours is. It’s those things that feel safe, we stick with what we know rather than risking new things.  

The problem with comfort zones is that they can keep us where we are, not allowing us to grow or change. That’s not always a bad thing unless you’re not happy and want change. 

I’m a big believer in stepping out of our comfort zones, trusting ourselves and creating the change we want in our lives. That might be a new job, a relationship or a happier, calmer family life. 

One of the members of the Hub has a son with complex needs and life has been tough supporting him. Using NVR though she has seen positive changes. She recently came back from holiday and told us what a great time they’d had. She commented that she had stepped out of her comfort zone whilst away, and trusted her son more. Together, along with consistently using NVR, things have really improved for them both. It was such a lovely post to read.  

When we step out of our comfort zone we try new things and take risks. I’m not necessarily talking about big changes, or big risks, tiny changes can be just as effective.  It’s the doing that’s the important bit.  

It’s not always easy to do, in fact it’s often hard, but if we don’t do it nothing changes. When we do do it we might not always get the result we want, we might need to change or tweak things a bit, but we’ll be a bit closer than if we’d done nothing.  

Trusting ourselves and our children is also important. If we don’t trust ourselves, what message is that giving our children? Don’t trust me? Don’t trust yourself? I know that sometimes trusting our children isn’t easy, particularly if they’ve not always made good choices. But if we don’t show we trust them, I believe it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When we trust them their confidence grows and they’ll learn to trust themselves. 

The more I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone over the last few years, the more I’ve seen positive results and benefits from it. I’m benefiting and so is my son.  

If you’re ready for change what step can you take to start you on the path to where you want to be? 

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