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Sarah Fisher Coaching

& Connective Parenting NVR

Supporting my son, as an adoptive mum, through some challenging times, I learnt about nonviolent resistance (NVR). I adapted it to develop a more holistic approach and so the Connective Parenting NVR story began.

Over the last 7 years we have grown. We now share the approach with families from across the UK and beyond. We also train other professionals working with families in the approach

Sarah Fisher

Our mission!

We provide a caring, supportive space where families and professionals can discover new ways of parenting to replace traditional parenting methods that just don’t work.

Whether it’s helping families who are struggling to connect, or families who are experiencing very challenging behaviours, we’re here to help.

We do this by:

  • supporting and empowering parents and carers to help them create a calmer, happier home
  • training other professionals in our approach so that more families can create a calmer, happier home
  • working with schools so that children can learn and reach their full, amazing potential.


Sarah P Fisher
  • Experienced Connective Parenting NVR Practitioner and Educator
  • Trained Hypnotherapist
  • Accredited Intermediate EFT Practitioner
  • 12 years working in schools
  • Lover of diet coke and chocolate :D
Sarah Fisher

Sarah’s story

I’m a single adoptive mum, passionate about helping other families experiencing difficulties.

I adopted a gorgeous little boy and together we’ve been on a journey of discovery. It hasn’t been an easy road, more a roller coaster, but I’m so glad I chose to adopt and I wouldn’t turn the clock back for anything.

During my journey, I’ve learnt to support my son with his anxiety and have stopped some of his unacceptable behaviours. These behaviours weren’t because he is a naughty or horrible
child (because he’s not). He was very distressed due to past trauma and anxious and just didn’t know how to show his emotions.

Through the use of non-violent resistance (NVR), we have changed our family around. My son is now more confident and understands how to appropriately express his emotions. We’ve come through many challenges and, no doubt, there are more to come! But I remain passionate about helping other families do the same.

Meet the experts

Introducing our fabulous team of specialists our Connective Family parent coaches, our business team and our lovely associates. All are experts in their own fields and bring lived experience across parenting, therapy, education, special educational needs and disability (SEND), non-violent resistance (NVR) and occupational therapy.

Kelly Cox

Coach and Trainer

Hi, I’m Kelly, I’m based in south Wales and birth mum to two children. 

Previously, I have worked directly with parents and carers for over ten years and am passionate about supporting others to build connected relationships and live in supportive and connected homes. I first came across non-violent resistance (NVR) when supporting families involved in the Youth Justice System and, more recently, working within an education setting.

I love what I do and am passionate about supporting others. And I love anything Disney and spending time with family and friends and my two horses!  

Kat Green

Coach and Trainer

Hi, I’m Kat and before working for Connective Family, I was a Primary School teacher for 25 years, and worked in 5
different schools, 11 of those years as a headteacher in a large infant school.  I introduced therapeutic approaches to our school, and believe in focusing on relationship building rather than behaviour management.

I have two young children, and an ex-racehorse… I am not sure who is harder to manage! My self-care involves horse riding, exercising, seeing friends and family, and a good film and nice food! 

Joining Sarah at Connective Family has allowed me to continue to support families. Creating a strong connection based on the things that interest and motivate your child, whilst being really present in the eyes of the child, is something that I am passionate about.

Sandra Summers NVR Practitioner

Sandra Summers

Associate Coach and Trainer

I’m Sandra, one of Sarah’s Associates.

My career spans over 20 years, starting out in social work in the Fostering and Adoption Team. For the last 15 years I’ve supported birth parents, adoptive parents, kinship carers and foster carers.

During this time my interest grew in attachment and trauma-based approaches, which is what attracted me to non-violent resistance (NVR). I realised I already implemented many of the concepts with my own children, so having the opportunity to help others in NVR just came naturally. And I now love supporting Sarah in delivering training.

Parenting brings challenges and rewards. I hope I can help parents and carers move past the ‘wobbles’ and see positive change!

Laura Healey

Business Manager

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m the Business Manager at Connective Family. I have two young children and live in Sussex. 

I was a stay at home parent for a few years before joining Connective Family, prior to that I worked in the Civil Service for a long time. I am passionate about the welfare of parents and the connection we have with our children. I have used many of the principles of NVR with my own children and have realised how my own mental health contributes to being the best parent I can be to them.

I love how we support so many families in different ways as it’s hard for parents to know where to look for help.

I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling when we can and socialising with our friends and their families.


Sandra Summers NVR Practitioner

Ruthanne Gregory

Marketing Manager

I’m Ruthanne, I’m a Brighton-based parent of two, with both birth family and adoptive family experience.

In the early days of our adoption, my partner introduced me to the principles of non-violent resistance (NVR). Aside from having to learn yet another acronym (!) it gave us some really good tips and techniques.

Workwise, my background is in marketing and communications – creating, clarifying and sharing content.

Often, the complexity of our children’s difficulties becomes more apparent as the years go by. At Connective Family, as ‘experts by experience’ we love to help other families.

Self-care. Hmm. I love walking the dog, I make things and I’m attempting to learn to play the piano (badly).

Mary Baldock

Mary Baldock

Associate Coach and Trainer

Hi, I’m Mary, working mum to a 20-year-old adopted son, who became part of the family at 9 months old. My son has a diagnosis of developmental trauma and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and I have lived experience of child to parent violence.

My experience includes the Neuro-Physiological Psychotherapy (NPP) Framework for working with traumatised children, as well as non-violent resistance (NVR) techniques, Great Behaviour Breakdown work and PAC-UK. I’m very happy to now support Sarah and her team with parent coaching sessions and co-facilitating groups.

I’m a trainer, devising and facilitating courses, and provide freelance support at Connective Family, Adoption South East and Adoption UK.

Nicky Edwards

Nicola Edwards

Child and Teen Therapist and Mental Health Trainer

I’m a children and adolescent therapist, and work with my therapy dog, Brian. We write the therapeutic book collection, The Adventures of Brian, supporting children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears. I also run Dandelion Training and Development, providing online mental health training for parents and professionals on a wide range of mental health issues.

I was previously an early years’ professional and teacher, having committed over 20 years of my career to working with children and young people.

I’m currently studying for a Masters in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health.

Alison Neal

Specialist Occupational Therapist

I am the founder of Midlands Occupational Therapy and provide specialist occupational therapy services for children and young adults with a range of difficulties.

I’m also an advanced practitioner in sensory integration therapy; with several years experience of lecturing and mentoring other therapists and have had a book published on sensory movement breaks.

I work with families and children at home and in a variety of special schools to find solutions to everyday problems that actually work and can be implemented at home or school.

I can also offer assessments for EHC (Education, Health, Care) plans and tribunals where necessary.



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