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Online NVR training for professionals

Connective Parenting NVR is one of the tools in your toolkit that can help every family you work with.

It can help any family whatever their needs, because we teach it as a framework that’s adapted to meet the need rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Within our NVR training we take into account trauma, attachment, neurodiversity, learning needs and more.

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  • Supportive
  • Effective

This course has been a very valuable addition to my learning and my practice. This course provides a thorough training and as a result I feel more confident and competent in my ability to help my parents and carers. 


Sarah’s teaching of NVR has given me the confidence and faith in the model, I sit very comfortably with how she teaches it. I have learnt it’s all about connection and trying to help parents understand their own and their child’s emotions and triggers in order to be able to respond differently to them. 


The training for NVR from Sarah was so interesting – normally a few days sat in training can be quite tedious but Sarah kept it interesting in the activities and content. Thank you Sarah!


accredited cpd NVR training course

Professionals’ Level 1 NVR Training Course

This online NVR training course offers those working with families the opportunity to discover the NVR approach.

The NVR approach is different to ‘traditional’ parenting and is increasingly popular. It helps empower parents to resist and reduce challenging behaviours.

It’s not, however, just for ‘challenging’ teenagers. It provides a positive, connective way of parenting for all parents irrespective of the age of the child.

Level 3 Award In Connective Parenting NVR

Based on the principles of NVR, Connective Parenting draws on other aspects of child development with the intention of supporting parents in the most holistic way possible.

We don’t focus on short-term ‘quick fixes’ but longer-term solutions that empower parents and help bring around long-term change.

The qualification includes our popular Level 1 (foundation) training and includes Level 2 practice as well.

Not only that, we look at other aspects of child development and so you can include that within the approach and offer families a broader support.

accredited cpd NVR training course

1 Day Overview of Connective Parenting NVR

This one day NVR training course for professionals provides an invaluable overview of the approach. It enables you to see how it can help support families with varying needs.