Foundation: Discover the NVR approach

Professionals’ Level 1 Connective Parenting NVR Course




accredited cpd NVR training course

On this foundation course we spend 3 days looking at the principles of NVR and how and why they work.

The Connective Parenting NVR approach is different to ‘traditional’ parenting and is increasingly popular.

It helps empower parents to resist and reduce challenging behaviours.

It’s not just for ‘challenging’ teenagers. It provides a positive, connective way of parenting for all parents irrespective of the age of the child.

Learn how parents can:

  • Raise their presence and increase their connection with their child.
  • Create a strong support network around their family.
  • Resist challenging behaviours.
  • De-escalate escalating situations.
LEVELLevel 1 NVR Training

June 13th + 20th + 25th

October 7th + 8th + 14th

TIMES3 full days

Just wanted to say thank you, the course was great, really thought provoking, challenging at times in a good way, feels like I have a much better understanding of the NVR framework as a result, so very much appreciated.

The training for NVR from Sarah was so interesting – Normally a few days sat in training can be quite tedious but Sarah kept it interesting in the activities and content. It was especially helpful to be able to catch up with Sarah in the follow up sessions to talk through what is working well/where we may be struggling, particularly as we have had to deliver virtually which is new to us! Thank you Sarah!

I feel quite confident in what I have learned and feel that I could talk to others through the process. With the exception of the announcement and the sit-in, the rest of it is how I’ve been naturally parenting and assisting others, but it’s always great to get a reminder and make new opportunities to connect.

Who this training is for

  • All those who work with families
  • Education staff as the approach can be adapted to work within a school environment
  • Social Workers
  • Family Support Workers

Why do this training now?

Considered by many to be a ‘game changing’ approach, now is the time to be adding it to your toolkit.  This flexible approach helps families with so many differing issues and can be adapted to meet their needs, it’s not a one size fits all approach.

How the day/course is structured

Each day begins at 9.30am and finishes at 3.30pm. The course is run either online or in-person over 3 days.  You’ll receive a workbook and a copy of Sarah’s book ‘Connective Parenting’.

Sarah or one of her expert parent coaching team leads this course.

What you will cover

We’ll take you through the Connective Parenting NVR approach from understanding the power of parental presence to de-escalating meltdowns or violent behaviours. 

We’ll be looking at:

  • parental presence

  • looking after yourself
  • managing meltdowns
  • bringing supporters on board
  • regulation and co-regulation
  • prioritising concerns
  • trauma and attachment informed
  • how to embed the approach to bring about change
  • tried and tested ways of sharing the approach with your families to make a real difference in outcomes

I would just like to say thank you and I found it really useful and interesting and I know my team members did also.

The cost for the 3-day course plus ongoing support is

£450 + VAT

(CPD accredited by the ACCPH)

Got some questions?

For further details or to enquire about running the course to your setting, please contact Sarah Fisher on the number below or fill out the form and we’ll be in contact.

  • Call 07817 544707

This 3-day course also acts as Module 1 in our Level 3 Award in Connective Parenting NVR.

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