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For parents and carers

I’m stressed, exhausted and feel triggered a lot.  I’d like to spend a day de-stressing, relaxing and releasing some triggers at Sarah’s Sanctuary retreat day..

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I’d love individual support to help with our challenges. 

Our individual sessions are for you.

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I’d like to learn about the approach in a group with other parents and carers who ‘get it’ and get individual help.  Our Foundation course is for you

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 I’d love to learn the approach amongst other parents who ‘get it’ and get help whenever I need it.  The Connective Parenting Hub is for you.

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I’d like to find out more about this approach in an introductory course. The Connective Family Formula is for you.

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For professionals

I’d love to be part of a network of professionals using this approach with families.  The Connective Family Professionals Network is for you.

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I’d like to learn the foundations of the approach so I can share it with the families I support.  Our Level 1 training is for you.

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I’d like to gain a qualification and learn the full approach indepth.  Our Level 3 Award is for you. 

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For everyone

Read all about the approach on our blog and find ideas for specific issues.

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Download our free resources to help you.

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Grab a book on the subject to help you.

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