How being organised saves my sanity

by | Apr 11, 2019

I do like a list, I always have done.  I have lists for my lists.  It makes me feel good and like I’m in some sort of control by having everything written down (I usually forget it if I don’t write it down).  It also takes it out of my head so I can focus on other things without trying to remember everything.

Since becoming a mum there is so much more to remember.  School trips, dates, appointments, playdates, to name a few.  On top of that my fridge seems to be constantly empty. It amazes me how quickly a fridge full of food gets eaten! 

Running out of food is not good, it makes for a grumpy son and a mother who eats junk so isn’t looking after herself properly.

Being organised saves my sanity by reducing my stress levels because I know what is needed when and all the things I need to do.   

Here are the lists and plans that I keep: 

Weekly plan

  • What happens on each day of the week 
  • A food plan – although I’ve got out of that habit recently 
  • What needs to be taken to school on what days 


  • This is my diary and I can’t live without it. 
  • It contains all the key dates I need to remember like term dates / birthdays etc 
  • INSET days are the things that trip me up! 

To do list 

All the tasks that come up.  It’s a great feeling crossing items off once they’re done.  And yes, if I do something that’s not on the list I add it on then cross it off! 

Budget plan 

Finances are often an area for worry particularly for single parents, having a clear plan makes it easier to know where you are.  Knowing what’s going in and out when can make it easier when those unexpected costs come up. 


This may all seem a little over the top but having everything organised means I’m less likely to get caught out.  Sometimes parenting takes all the time and energy you have so not having to worry about remembering everything else can be a live saver. 

Knowing you can just check a list to make you sure you have everything as you run (yes, I do mean run whilst carrying bags, coats and heaven knows what else and trying to lock the house) out of the door stops me having to turn around and go back for whatever we’ve forgotten when we’re 5 minutes down the road. 

It can seem like more hassle than it’s worth having lists, but it does really help.  I started off using scraps of paper for my lists and now I’ve got a notebook which looks better and I’m less likely to lose it! 

Whatever system you devise to organise yourself I strongly recommend having one.  The more of life’s everyday tasks we can simplify the more time/energy we have for parenting and spending time with our children. They need us, even if they pretend not to want us.