Half term: Heaven or Hell?

by | Oct 18, 2019

Half term: Heaven or Hell?

Half term is upon us (sorry for those of you already coming to the end of your week!) and it doesn’t feel like long ago that the kids were starting back at school after the summer. They are settling in, getting used to the routine and now it’s all change for a week.  

Some are exhausted and the break couldn’t come soon enough, others get worried about the break.  

There are mixed feelings for us parents as well. Depending on whether your child struggles with school or not can have a big impact on whether holidays are great or awful.  If you work, add in trying to sort out childcare your child might actually enjoy and it can get quite stressful. 

Top tips for Half Term

I thought I’d share some top tips to help it all stay calm and possibly even enjoyable.  

  1. Have a plan  
    1. You don’t need to share the whole thing with your children yet, but having it helps reduce that ‘what are we doing tomorrow’ stress. 
  2. Put the plan up on the wall for your children to see 
    1. You can either put one up of the whole week or do it daily, whatever works best for your children. 
    2. The level of detail you include also depends on what your children need.  Some need loads of detail, others are fine with broader outlines. 
  3. Build in some self care time  
    1. This often disappears, but for some we need more during the holidays, particularly if our children struggle in the holidays. 
  4. Feel comfortable saying no to invites that won’t work for your family. 
  5. Have some rainy day plans up your sleeve – it looks like we will need them! 
  6. Let your teenager lie in and enjoy the peace ? 

I hope you have a good time.