Connective Parenting Books

Connective Parenting: A guide to connecting with your child using the NVR approach

Non Violent Resistance (NVR) is a broad-based concept presenting an approach to parenting suitable for all families. It supports the creation of deep connective bonds between parent and child. It’s equally applicable to families whatever their circumstances and regardless of whether they are experiencing parenting difficulties with their child.

The book shares the different aspects of NVR, supplemented with real life examples including those of the author’s, and shares tips and strategies parents can implement straight away to start changing the relationship they have with their child. This second edition of the book includes further detail on some aspects of the approach.

Adopting Solo: The story of how I learnt to parent my Munchkin

In Adopting Solo, Sarah Fisher recounts of her journey as a single adopter, from the day she met her son, through new schools, violence and end-of-her-tether calls to Social Services, to healing, heartfelt family occasions and hope.

Hers is a story that dares to talk about the realities of adopting solo from a parent’s point of view, explaining the lows, the doubts, the times she thought she couldn’t do it, as well as the highs, the wins, and the breakthroughs of how she learnt to be a mum to her adoptive son. To say it’s been a rollercoaster ride doesn’t even cover it. More like behavioural bumper cars! Did the joys of seeing her son flourish make it worth it, despite all the bruises along the way?

A must-read for all single adopters and anyone wanting to support loved ones as they embark on their journey of adopting solo.