Connective Parenting Conference 2024

Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May

Ready… Steady… Connect!

Missed out on the live conference?

You can still buy the Conference Replays version for £49, for access to 10 powerful parenting workshops. 


We have two fantastic options for you this year.

Option 1: Conference LIVE – Join live in real time, enjoy Q&A at the end of each workshop, a pop-up Facebook Group and replays available for 4 weeks – all for £65.

Option 2: Conference replays – Subscribe to replays and join a pop-up Facebook Group – all for £49.

Whichever way you choose to join the conference, you’ll pick up practical tips and techniques to let the power of connection replace chaos with calm at home!

Bringing parents, carers, family supporters and experts together


Join live for £65 inc VAT or subscribe to replays for £49 inc VAT


Watch live on Zoom, any time in the Facebook group or catch up with replays


Stay for the whole 2 days or just dip in and out

Why run a conference?

It’s for all you awesome parents, carers or family supporters to take time to listen, learn and share with others going through exactly the same as you.

This year we’re making it even more accessible with two options – the full live experience for £65 or a replay version for £49. More below!

You can expect topics and workshops galore, packed with real-life practical tips, advice and expert knowledge.

It’s our very favourite time of year.

“I learn something new every year. The friendly atmosphere and great feedback from attendees makes the conference special. “

Sarah x

Two fantastic options – the choice is yours!

Option 1: Conference LIVE for £65 inc VAT 

Join live in real time for the whole caboodle and enjoy Q&A at the end of each workshop, a pop-up Facebook Group just for conference attendees and replays available for 4 weeks


Option 2: Conference replays for £49 inc VAT 

Subscribe to the replays and join a pop-up Facebook Group for conference attendees

Both tickets can be paid in instalments

Did you know? We’ll be covering all sorts of topics at the Conference but we also have a huge resource library of blogs and more you can dip into.

What you need to know

10 topical workshops

All one hour max with Q&A time at the end of each session

An online Zoom conference

We send you a link so you can join from anywhere (and you won’t be on screen, so don’t need to worry about that)

A pop-up Facebook Group

Just for conference attendees, where you can watch workshops and chat with others, if you like (no need to join if you’re not on Facebook)


Replays are available for one month after the conference so you can watch – or watch again – in your own time

Two options

* Conference LIVE: £65 inc VAT *

* Conference replays: £49 inc VAT *

Instalment options for both tickets

FREE to Connective Parenting Hub and Connective Family Professionals’ Network members

Conference aficionado?

You know the score. You’ll find yourself listening in and learning all sorts! Previous conference goers tell us they got something from every workshop, even the ones they weren’t planning on listening to.

Conference newbie?

You have a whole host of affordable, accessible and achievable workshops to look forward to. You choose the ones you want to attend, so the whole day is relevant to you – time is precious. Or listen to the whole lot!

Previous conference goers have said…

“It was a great couple of days, thank you!”

“Brilliant level of knowledge by lots of professionals, but at the right accessible level to parents.”

“Helpful on so many levels. Thanks very much.”

The workshops!

Check out the daily timetables

Thursday 9th May 

Empowering children and young people to be at their brain best, with Kit Messenger
Understand how NVR can help you to parent a child with limited communication, with Dennise Shaw
Learn some simple sensory movement breaks you can use at home with your child, with Ali Neal
Autistic burnout: What is it and how do we spot the signs?, with Kirsteen Wilshere
Discover how EFT can help you tap your way to calm, with Sarah Fisher

Friday 10th May 

The Shield of Shame: Making sense of a child's defensive behaviours, with Dr Wendy Thomas
How to thrive and live life with an autistic child, with Wendy McCallum
Siblings: Why do they wind each other up and what can we do about it?!, with Sarah Fisher
How are you dad? The importance of wellbeing and mental health for new fathers, with Mark Williams
The teenage years: How to keep the positive connection going, with Kelly Cox

Explore the topics


Autistic burnout: What is it and how do we spot the signs?

Kirsteen Wilshere

Join Kirsteen to explore what burnout is, what the signs are and how to support your child if you feel they may be experiencing burnout.

Autistic burnout is under-recognised but can have a devastating impact on children who will have done everything they can to keep going in a world that often isn’t meeting their needs.

Child health and development

Discover how EFT can help you tap your way to calm

Sarah Fisher

Join Sarah to experience the powerful stress relief technique of  EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

It’s also known as tapping and focuses on the 12 meridian points of the body. It can relieve symptoms of a negative experience or emotion.

adhd superpowers

The shield of shame: Making sense of a child’s defensive behaviours

Dr Wendy Thomas

Join Wendy to hear about making sense of defensive behaviours that can emerge from a child’s strong drive to protect themselves from shame.

We’ll explore how to use validation and connection to build bridges not walls.

sensory development

How to thrive and live life with an autistic child

Wendy McCallum

Wendy’s workshop is for parents of primary-aged children with an autism diagnosis, those going through diagnosis or for those who strongly suspect their child is autistic.

Learn some simple steps to help make day-to-day life with an autistic child flow more easily, allowing the whole family to have a chance to thrive.

adhd superpowers

Understand how NVR can help you to parent a child with limited communication

Dennise Shaw

Join Dennise to explore how NVR (non-violent resistance) can enhance the quality of relationships and support children with limited communication to feel safe. 

What are the key aspects of NVR? And how can we make it work for our children?

Child health and development

Learn some simple sensory movement breaks you can use at home with your child

Ali Neal

Join Ali to hear a brief explanation of sensory processing difficulties and how they impact on daily life. 

The workshop will cover some simple sensory activities you can do at home with your child to enhance regulation and foster a connection between you.

sensory development

Siblings: Why do they wind each other up and what can we do about it?!

Sarah Fisher

Join Sarah to hear how we can teach our children to de-escalate with brothers or sisters or even other children at school.

If we can teach our kids to de-escalate, it’s a skill for life. You’ll learn some strategies for parents to use too.

self care

Empowering children and young people to be at their brain best

 Kit Messenger

Join Kit to explore some real-life examples and practical ideas of how to recognise and maximise a child’s neuro-different strengths.

Children presenting with neurodivergent profiles can struggle to communicate their needs within certain environments or situations, often leading to a cycle of stress-related behaviours which makes life hard for the child (and for those around them).


How are you dad? The importance of wellbeing and mental health for new fathers

Mark Williams

Join Mark to explore the significance of creating a supportive environment for everyone during the transformative stage of life called parenthood.

This workshop will consider the importance of child development with fathers and, crucially, what signs and symptoms to look out for if you or someone you know is struggling. Dads and their families are not alone and it’s OK to ask for help.

self care

The teenage years: How to keep the positive connection going

Kelly Cox

Join Kelly to explore ideas and top tips on what we can do to maintain a positive connection with our tweens and teens when all they seem to want to do is shut us out.

The teenage brain is a wonderful thing and our teens are navigating a lot of changes while finding their way through friendships, relationships and education.
Remember your teenage years?!

Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May: Save the dates and join this year’s Connective Parenting Conference and discover how Connective Parenting NVR can help all families.

Meet our workshop leaders

Nicky Edwards
Dennise Shaw

Dennise qualified as a Learning Disability Nurse back in 1985 and practiced for 23 years, primarily with people who had profound and multiple disabilities.

More recently she has lived experience of adopting a child with complex trauma, autism spectrum condition (ASC), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning difficulties.

Dennise started her NVR (non-violent resistance) journey with Sarah in 2017. Over the last 6 years she has developed a greater understanding of the value of connection as a vehicle to support the ‘felt safety’ and emotional development of children – whether their stress originates from trauma, neurodiverse processing or indeed both. 

Mary Baldock
Wendy McCallum

Wendy is the solo mum of two neurodivergent teenagers. She uses her background in training and development, skills as a life coach and complementary therapist of 20-plus years and experience as a mum, to mentor mums of autistic kids.  

Wendy lives this life so really understands the challenges it can bring, she will suggest practical steps to help and can give hope to those who are struggling. Wendy works one-to-one and in groups, mentoring mums of autistic kids. She works in-person in Mid-Sussex and also online.

Follow Wendy McCallum The Anti-stress Angel on Facebook

Mary Baldock
Sarah Fisher

Sarah is the founder of Connective Family. She is an experienced NVR UK accredited practitioner and educator, a trained hypnotherapist and an author. With a background of 12 years working in schools, she has an MSc in Educational Leadership. 

Sarah enjoys helping all families through training and coaching that focuses on connection, regulation and relationships.

Read Sarah’s story here on the website

Mary Baldock
Alison Neal

Ali leads Midlands Occupational Therapy which provides therapy services for children and young adults, with a specialist focus on sensory processing difficulties.

Ali presents regularly on the topic of Occupational Therapy and sensory processing across the country and runs her own Sensory Processing course for therapists and other professionals.

She has written a book on Sensory Movement Breaks and has produced an award-winning program for developing motor skills for children with special needs. Ali prides herself on finding solutions to everyday problems experienced by children and young people at home, at school and in the community, that actually work. 

Visit the Midlands Occupational Therapy website

Mary Baldock
Kirsteen Wilshere

Kirsteen is an Independent Social Worker currently undergoing her Level 3 NVR training with Connective Family.

Most of her working life has been in fostering and adoption services, specialising in developmental trauma. She works with families helping them understand their children’s needs and navigating services and school support options. She is a neurodivergent adult and uses her own experiences as a parent to inform her practice.

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Mary Baldock
Kelly Cox

Kelly has been using NVR (non-violent resistance) principles in her work for almost 10 years. 

More recently, she’s been using the approach in an education setting to try and engage young people most at risk of becoming ‘not in education, employment or training’ (you might hear this called NEET) and disengaging from education.

Kelly is a Parent Coach and Trainer and one of the Connective Family team.

Mary Baldock
Dr Wendy Thomas

Dr Wendy Thomas is an Educational Psychologist practicing in Cornwall.

She currently works as a Psychologist across two specialist therapeutic settings supporting families, young people and their trusted staff teams to find connected ways forward together.

As an accredited guider, Wendy uses Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) to build confidence and attunement within adult / child relationships.

Jo Kelly
Kit Messenger

Kit is a former headteacher with over 30 years’ experience working with children and young people. She is the co-author of ‘Curious Not Furious’ and the founder and Director of Changing Chances, a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to shift the world towards neuroinclusive approaches. 

Changing Chances provides courses for parents and carers and training for  professionals within education, youth justice, social care and health. Their flagship  programme, ‘The Empowerment Approach®, weaves neurobiology, psychology,  education and coaching to empower children with an understanding of the brain and the tools to feel and do better.  

Kit also lectures at the University of Sussex.

Visit the Changing Chances website

Jo Kelly
Mark Williams BCAh FRSA

Mark is a keynote speaker, published author and international campaigner. In 2004 he experienced depression and suffered in silence for years until he entered community mental health services diagnosed with ADHD at 40 years of age.

He founded International Fathers’ Mental Health Day and #Howareyoudad campaign to make sure all parents have support for the whole family. Mark was awarded Inspirational Father of the Year and Local Hero at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2012 and the Point Of Light Award by the Prime Minister in 2019. In 2023 Mark was awarded the British Citizen Award for Healthcare.

Visit the How are you dad? website

Got some questions?

Do I get a discount on my ticket price if I purchase early?

Sorry, no. It’s one price for all. We want the Connective Parenting Conference to be as accessible as possible to allow everyone to join. We don’t think it’s fair that some people can afford to grab theirs straight away, whilst others may have to save up to buy their ticket nearer the time and have to pay a higher ticket price for their efforts.

Do I have to be on Facebook to take part?

No, you don’t have to be on Facebook to join in. You’ll be able to join the workshops directly, via the webinar link which we’ll send you nearer the time, once you’ve booked your conference place.

Do attendees need to join in the workshops on-screen?

Attendees are not seen on-screen (feel free to join in your PJs!), but you can ask questions using the chat function or at the end in the Q&A.

Can I buy just one or two workshops?

No. It’s one price for all 10 workshops – £65 inc VAT for the Conference LIVE or £49 inc VAT for the Conference replays.

Is it suitable for ALL parents and carers?

Yes, definitely! There are a selection of workshops so you can choose the ones that suit you the best, or just listen in on the whole lot – whether live or replays. Some are age or need-specific, others are more general. Whatever family life looks like for you and however you became a parent, the two days will help you.

Is it suitable for professionals - people working with families - as well as parents and carers?

Yes it is. It’s very appropriate for teachers, SENCOs, social care workers, professionals who work with children – anyone who spends time supporting children and families will benefit from the Connective Parenting Conference.

My employer would like to purchase some spaces, can we pay via invoice?

Yes, no problem. Drop me an email to and we’ll get that sorted for you.

Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May: Save the dates and join this year’s online Connective Parenting Conference and discover how Connective Parenting NVR can help all families.