Calm family chaos!

with the Connective Family Formula™

This supportive 5-week online course is the definitive guide to removing family chaos and creating calm

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Discover how to start creating calm in your family, through connection and presence.

More dates coming soon!

Oh no! It’s looks like you’ve missed this intake of The Connective Family Formula, but don’t worry, we’ll be running it again really soon!

To be the first to hear when the next intake is, add your name to our wait list and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we announce the next dates, so that you too can turn family chaos into calm with our Connective Parenting NVR strategies and tools.

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Sarah’s ability to listen and support without judging is so wonderful. I felt very comfortable talking to her.

Sarah knows her stuff and shares her knowledge and experience in a clear, understandable way with lots of practical advice.

The change in our child was almost instantaneous. They responded very well and the violence reduced very quickly.

I already know you’re a great parent.

You wouldn’t be here considering joining our course otherwise.

But if you’re stuck in a rut and things aren’t changing no matter what you try, we’re here to help you implement some tweaks that will help you out of that rut and bring you back to that connection that’s missing with your child.

If lockdowns left you feeling disconnected and like parenting is a struggle.

If your child is violent or aggressive

If you want to build a stronger relationship with your child

If you crave a calmer life at home with your family

If you’re experiencing challenging behaviours from your child

If you want to support your child to grow and develop emotionally

Connective Parenting NVR can help.

From strong minded toddlers to violent teens – I’ve shared Connective Parenting NVR to bring positive change to hundreds of families.

How Connective Parenting NVR can work for you…

The Connective Family Formula is all about connection.

Because we each have our own stories, our own beliefs, and our own childhood experiences which all play a part in how connected we are to ourselves, our emotions, and consequently how we parent our children. 

None of these are wrong, but they do play their part.

There’s no one size fits all.


Connection is so important

If we aren’t connected to our children, we are more likely to see their behaviour rather than what it’s communicating.  With this approach we are looking beneath the behaviour for the root cause – there are no sticky plaster solutions here!

We focus on the child and their needs, rather than any labels they may have. 

This course is about helping us to understand the behaviour and helping the child to feel more connected to themselves whilst empowering you as the parent to recognise what’s happening for your child and help them grow and develop emotionally.

The change is led by us as parents, so if you’re not ready to make a change in the way you parent this probably isn’t the course for you.  The changes may only be small, but small ripples create big waves.

We’ll help you by sharing the Connective Family Formula and help you adapt it for you and your family.

building connection

Is Connective Parenting NVR what YOU really need right now?

I haven’t yet had a situation where we haven’t been able to improve things when the parents have been willing to put the time in.

I've worked with...

Adoptive parents, birth parents, carers and family members.

I've worked with...

families whose children have attachment difficulties, developmental trauma, FASD, ADHD…

I've worked with...

parents of very determined 3 year olds up to early 20 year-olds holding a knife to their parents throats…

I've worked with...

Parents who just want to understand themselves and their children and want to be sure they’re doing the best they can.

Here’s what we’ll be covering over the 5 weeks

Sarah and one of her parent coaching team runs this course.

Week 1

We’ll be looking at connection, both with ourselves and our children.  We’ll think about emotions, where they come from and our responses to them.

Week 2

We’ll discover how to manage meltdowns – what to do and what not to. This is one of the things we’re asked about most.

Week 3

We’ll talk about how to reduce the likelihood of meltdowns happening in the first place, through conversations with our children and learning about emotions.  We’ll talk about things like lying, shame, consequences and work through lots of different examples.

Week 4

We’ll be talking about helpful help – what that really means, where to get it and what you want.  We’ll talk about siblings and how we can help them get along better, and spend some time deciding where to start first.

Week 5

We’ll talk about the importance of self reflection, not having to be perfect and what to do when those around you don’t get it.

Working with Sarah has been life changing.  I’m not sure our family would still have been together without her support.”

…and above all

Supportive, caring and personal group training

Not all families require intensive one to one support from us, and many families are still trying to decide if Connective Parenting NVR could be the key to unlock the calm in their home again.

The Connective Family Formula course is a slower paced, deeper dive in to the Connective Parenting NVR approach. We deliver the training to you in an easier-to-digest way, and we support you step by step as you implement it in your family with our Live Q&A calls.

We don’t feed you information and then leave you to run with it alone.

Over the five weeks, you will be able to ask for our support, our feedback and clarification on anything you need within the scope of the program. And over those five weeks, we will get to know you and your own personal circumstances, allowing us to help you tailor the approach to the specific needs of your family.

Recorded training

Each Thursday during the course, you’ll receive the pre-recorded training video, along with other resources to help you with that week’s topics.

online supervision on zoom

Live Q&As

The following Tuesdays, there will be a live Q&A session with Sarah and one of her team where you can get the answers to all of your questions. We’ll alternate the calls between daytime and evening sessions and recordings will be avaiable for anyone who can’t attend live.

get support in our private facebook group

Private Facebook Group

The live Q&As will take place on Zoom, but also be streamed in to our special Facebook Group for those attending the course.  You can join the live calls on Zoom or Facebook, and connect with other parents and carers in the Facebook group if you wish.

Got some questions?

Is this available to members of the Connective Parenting Hub?

Yes! If you are a member of the Connective Parenting Hub, you’ll receive a link to register for your place on this programme, for free, as part of your subscription.

Will this approach work for me?

As with any course, we can’t offer any guarantee but we do know from the hundreds of families we work with  using Connective Parenting NVR, things do change.

But as always you, as the parent, have to be willing to look at how you are parenting and potentially make tweaks. That doesn’t mean you’re not doing a brilliant job right now, but if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and things aren’t changing, we’re here to help you get out of that rut with some tweaks.

Can I get funding for this course?

Yes! You can talk to your social worker to enquire if ASF funding is an option for you. There may be other funding possibilites available to you depending on your circumstances.

Will this course change my child's behaviour?

Many parenting programs are focused on managing a child’s behaviour. That’s not what this is.

We are passionate about understanding the reasons behind a child’s behaviour, therefore empowering you as the parent to recognise what’s happening for your child and help them to grow and develop emotionally.

How long will I have access to the course resources?

All of the resources will be available for the duration of the course and for 7 days after we finish.