Back to school prep

by | Aug 20, 2020

With back to school not far away I thought I’d share some ideas to help make it as easy as possible. This year it is different and many of us have more struggles and worries than usual. That’s totally understandable. The last 6 months have been very strange for us all and moving back to ‘normality’ is a slow gradual process, for us and our children.

Schools may also be struggling to work out how best to support our children within the new guidelines. It’s going to take a bit of time to get used to the new norm for all of us.

For parents, here are some ideas to help ease the transition:

  1. Wash and tumble dry new clothes a couple of times – new uniform don’t always feel very soft, which can feel uncomfortable, particularly if you’re child has spent most of the last 6 months in pjs . 😀
  2. Break in new shoes – I’ve been living in flip flops or bear feet, shoes usually feel strange in September but they’ll feel even more alien this year, and no one likes blisters.
  3. Wear uniform a bit for a few days before so it doesn’t feel so weird on the first day.
  4. Make sure you’ve cut out labels etc if you need to.
  5. Start getting back into school routines – waking times and bedtimes. Ours are a little out of alignment here! I’m slowly bringing them back into school term timings.
  6. Do the journey to school a few times so it’s not new on the first day.
  7. Talk to your child about any worries they might have.
  8. When the school sends you their plan, share it with your child so they know what to expect.
  9. Don’t leave sewing name tags in until the night before. This is definitely one to avoid, if like me, you aren’t particularly fast at doing them!
  10. Allow extra time on the first morning so you’re not time pressured if they’re struggling

These are arguably small things, but it’s those small things that can tip you over the edge in the mornings.

I recently recorded a webinar for Adoption UK on supporting our children on their return to school and it covers the ‘bigger’ things. It’s for school staff and parents, and shares lots more ideas for supporting our children emotionally as well as physically. It’s available on my website for anyone to watch. You can find it here.

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